How many categories

I have over 20 categories - not all of them have posts yet, but I think this is too many. How many categories should a blog have? I’m guessing 6-9 is about right. (Of course, each post done with ecto appears also under ‘General’. That doesn’t suck too much…NOT)

Holidays for some...

School Holidays begin again. Of course, I’ll be too busy renovating to do any relaxing! We had the concrete poured for the underpinning, and the mini skip delivered. Dsc00041-1 Dsc00046 Dsc00044 Made some good progress this afternoon, though. Got rid of a heap of the vine out the front. Dsc00063 Dsc00064 Dsc00068 Found two things in there: a bird’s nest, and a dead lizard. Dsc00065 Dsc00066 Dsc00071 And tonight, I found a big hole behind one of the taps.