iTunesRater 0.6

iTunesRater 0.6 has been released. Saving prefs works a bit better now, but the only way to change the maxRate and minRate variables is through: defaults write iTunesRater maxRate <value>

AutoRating is working, and the program now remembers the last state for the AutoRater.

New feature is the inclusion of a preview of how the rating will look in iTunes, ie the number of stars. (Note, this URL is broken for the time being, until I get around to uploading it to a site that can handle zip files, not just 3 types of image file…)

Finder AppleScript Freeze

While trying to bugfix a couple of issues in iTunesRater tonight, I found that the script stopped working altogether. I narrowed it down to a section of the code where I was asking the Finder to do something, and it was just freezing. I thought that maybe the latest security update had done something, but changing users proved that otherwise. It was something with my setup. I found it probably had to do with having a device mounted (the memory card in my Palm Zire), but having removed the device without unmounting it. The Finder had almost crashed, and wouldn’t respond to any AppleScript commands. Incidentally, I suspect that AppleScript is smart enough to not actually send any message (even an empty one) to an application when there is no command (ie, just a tell application/end tell clause with nothing between it).

Popular Post Bug

I have the following code to display my most popular posts in the sidebar: ` {popularposts} {if $pposts != ‘’}   <h2>Most Popular Posts</h2>     <ul>     {foreach from=$pposts key=key item=hits}       <li>{$hits.title truncate:25:”…”}</a>: {$key}</nobr></li>     {/foreach}     </ul> {/if} ` However, it doesn’t work: the links are all to the least recent of my recent posts the last post on the page. I’ll have to fix this. (Note: a fix is in the comments).