Open Terminal Here (Improved).

I have been using a Toolbar Script called “Open Terminal Here” for a while now (thanks Marc), and the one thing about it that annoyed me was that when Terminal was not running, it would start the application, and then create a second window with my path in it. I’ve fixed this, by altering the code slightly. Note that the only changes I have made are to the last function, process_item(). I have just inserted a check for if the program is running, and if it isn’t, I call the same do script, but with in window 1.

– when the toolbar script icon is clicked on run     tell application “Finder”         activate         try             set this_folder to (the target of the front window) as alias         on error             set this_folder to startup disk as alias         end try         my process_item(this_folder)     end tell end run – This handler processes folders dropped onto the toolbar script icon on open these_items     repeat with i from 1 to the count of these_items         set this_item to item i of these_items         my process_item(this_item)     end repeat end open – this subroutine processes does the actual work on process_item(this_item)     tell application “System Events”         try             get process “Terminal”                          tell application “Terminal”                 activate                 do script “cd “ & (quoted form of POSIX path of this_item)             end tell         on error – Terminal Not running, launch and run in first window.             launch application “Terminal”             tell application “Terminal”                 activate                 do script “cd “ & (quoted form of POSIX path of this_item) in window 1             end tell         end try     end tell end process_item

Strange Referrers

I’ve written about referrer logs before, on various points, but today something strange occurred. I checked my referrer logs just now, and I had nearly 500 hits. Cool, but it’s only early in the (server) day, and I normally only get around 300 for the whole day. So, I checked the logs, and most of them are DIRECT, and point to invalid URLs. The weird thing is that they are all /wp/admin/, and I am the only user. When I try to visit one, it fails:

Not only is it a weird URL, with a, and /wp-admin/, it’s also got a double slash (//). But otherwise, it nearly points to a valid page ( is a valid and active URL). Strange.

Adsense Keywords Value

I was reading up on the WordPress SEO scandal from late March/early April, and a comment I found in it got me thinking about keyword values. I then found a page that offers to sell a list of keywords, that can be used on Overture (a competitor to Adwords/Adsense) to receive high dollar values per click. (I’m not going to link to it, to protect you, loyal reader…) They ask for a payment of US$99. Bargain! (Note sarcasm). I’m not suggesting I’ll get into any SEO stuff, or try to scam Adsense, I tjust thought it was interesting to see how people do make money. Of course, it reminds me of the books you can buy telling you how to make a million dollars. I think the best way to become a millionare is to write a book telling other people how to do it, and sell 50,000 copies at $20 each.

Which Your?

One of my pet hates is the lack of knowledge about which your/you’re should be used in a particular context. From JB Hi-Fi’s website.

If your looking for batteries, headphones, plugs and leads or cleaning products, venture into any one of our stores and experience the JB - You’ve done it again philosophy.

Sony Headphones

I’m not totally happy with the standard iPod headphones. They don’t prevent much noise from outside, and they tend to make my ears sore after a few hours of listening. Quite by accident, I came across a review on for some Sony ‘in-ear’ headphones, that have silicon buds that actually seal quite well in the ear, increasing both comfort and noise reduction. I went into Sony Central in the city, and they have them, but at $99. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to buy $100 headphones.