Free Classical Albums

From this page, a list of free classical albums for download.

Remote Access on OS X

VNC is cool. It allows you to view your desktop on another machine, and control it from that machine. Various takes on this include osx2x, which allows an OS X machine to just control the other machine (no screen data is sent back to the controlling box, but requires two monitors to be able to see what is going on). The other method of controlling an OS X box is to telnet or ssh in, and type in commands via a CLI. This is often much faster than VNC because of the lower bandwidth requirements for just text rather than full-screen images. One thing I had noticed (and hated) about OS X Panther was that if I was not the ‘active’ user on the machine, I could still connect, but was unable to run WindowServer applications, or interact with them. This seems to be fixed with Tiger. Newer versions of OSXvnc (1.5+) can be run as a User Process, and then a connection initiated from another source, which will allow interaction with the GUI environment. This makes VNC under OS X very much like X11, in that a user can completely control a machine, even if another user has logged in in the meantime. The only drawback I can see is that it requires the user to log in initially. Finally, a reason for me to upgrade to Tiger.

Adium Goodness

Since it’s my current fascination, I thought I’d create a new post on Adium. I might have to create a category for it! Anyway, I worked on improving a script I had downloaded that allowed typing %_nowplaying into Adium, and getting a nicely formatted string, including a musical symbol, sent as a message. I made it so that it used the keyword /itunes, and had a link to a google search for the artist’s name. I’d also like to be able to set it up so that the track was a link to download the file from the computer the user is on (would require a webserver to be running, and have read access to the iTunes library folder). And, my version also puts the rating as stars after the track name. I thought of a couple of other scripts:

  • A /google script that creates a list of the top 10/5/1 google hits for a search. (It would be too easy to just have it create a link to google - try about 10 seconds!)
  • A script that defines a word, using or something similar. (Extract from wikipedia?)
  • A script that sends the current playing track to the user. (No need to zip it like some fool did, unless it’s an AIFF file!)
  • A script that displays an html element abbr or acronym.