Adium Goodness

Since it’s my current fascination, I thought I’d create a new post on Adium. I might have to create a category for it! Anyway, I worked on improving a script I had downloaded that allowed typing %_nowplaying into Adium, and getting a nicely formatted string, including a musical symbol, sent as a message. I made it so that it used the keyword /itunes, and had a link to a google search for the artist’s name. I’d also like to be able to set it up so that the track was a link to download the file from the computer the user is on (would require a webserver to be running, and have read access to the iTunes library folder). And, my version also puts the rating as stars after the track name. I thought of a couple of other scripts:

  • A /google script that creates a list of the top 10/5/1 google hits for a search. (It would be too easy to just have it create a link to google - try about 10 seconds!)
  • A script that defines a word, using or something similar. (Extract from wikipedia?)
  • A script that sends the current playing track to the user. (No need to zip it like some fool did, unless it’s an AIFF file!)
  • A script that displays an html element abbr or acronym.