Search issues

Bug: if you search on this blog, it only searches within the currently active ‘group’, whether that’s a category, day or post, or the whole blog. The code in question is:

1    <form id="searchform" method="post" action="{$Smarty.server.PHP_SELF}">
2        <div style="text-align:center">
3            <p><input type="text" name="s" id="s" size="20" /></p>
4            <p><input type="image" src="/images/search.png" name="submit" value="Search" /></p>
5        </div>
6    </form>

Obviously, the important part is the {$Smarty.server.PHP_SELF} section. Setting it to {$Smarty.server.SERVER_NAME} or several other things seems to make no difference!

AppleCentre Next Byte

Over on DrunkenBatman’s site, DrunkenBlog, he has posted stuff where buys have taken photos of Mac with one of his Desktop Backgrounds installed in Apple Stores. I did this in the AppleCentre Next Byte, Rundle Mall the other day. Here is my photo: AppleCentre Next Byte Photo If you look carefully, you can see I turned on the iSight, and got myself in the image, just. Oh, and BTW, I discovered that Preview does this. That is, it allows you to resize an image to a target file size.

Sending Files under Adium

I wrote a small AppleScript that sends the currently playing iTunes track to the current chat user in Adium. The only tricky part was that the line:

send the active chat of the first interface controller file filename

requires Adium to be the frontmost application: you cannot test this with Script Editor, only install the code as a an AdiumScript and then run it from within Adium. Since it is usually illegal to copy music, all of the usual disclaimers apply: only use this to send music to which you own the copyright, or is in the public domain. Here’s the full code, if you want the whole thing, email or IM me.

on substitute()     tell application “System Events”         try             get process “iTunes”         on error             return         end try     end tell          tell application “iTunes”         set filename to location of current track     end tell          tell application “Adium”         send the active chat of the first interface controller file filename     end tell          return theChat end substitute

Cannot sign up to AIM screen name with Camino or Firefox

I just tried to sign up another screen name for aol: one without the bit, and I found a bit of a hitch. Check out what Camino and Firefox render the page as: AIM signup page under Camino Compare this to how it appears in Safari: AIM signup page under Safari Made it kind of hard to complete!

Weird OS X Stuff

I’m still using Panther - I’ll upgrade to Tiger when I’ve finished backing up everything. In the meantime, I noticed something quite weird the other day. If I attempt to view my web pages stored on this computer (ie, the one I’m typing this in from, ny iMac at home) then it only works some of the time. Specifically, if I try to use the real IP address, given to me by my ISP, or the domain name (again given to me by my ISP,, or whatever it is at that moment), then it times out. If I use, or the local hostname, then it works fine. I wonder if there’s a setting somewhere which only allows http access from those addresses. I can’t figure it out - with no firewall there shouldn’t be a reason this doesn’t work, unless Optus is blocking incoming traffic to addresses within it’s domain. Update: This would seem to be it. I can ssh into my machine, but not http in.