Google Talk

In case you haven’t heard, Google has ‘released’ their IM system - it’s just a Jabber server, though. There are a couple of review around, and I haven’t read all of them in that much detail. It requires a Gmail account: I have plenty of invites if you want one, just email me. The settings you need are (I use Adium, your client’s names may vary): Account Type: Jabber Jabber ID: Password: •••••••• Connect Server: Port: 5222 Security: Use TLS Encryption (if possible) - I couldn’t get a connection without this, some have said opposite. Others have said that any person with whom you have shared Gmail will be automatically added to your buddy list. I haven’t had anyone added to mine, but then I don’t really Gmail many people. I’ve also created accounts with the other IM players, you can find them under the Contact page.