Automation of XHTML Cleanup

I use SubEthaEdit all of the time, and the feature I like just about most is the Copy As XHTML ⇧⌘C. This will create some nice marked up text that accurately represents what SubEthaEdit looks like - it takes your current syntax styling layout and creates is as XHTML. There are a couple of issues, at least with Blogsome. Firstly, for some reason Blogsome needs all style tags inside the block to use ‘, not “. I think it might be to do with the fact it is a <pre> block. I did notice it was screwing with some double-quotes on another script I was posting. My other hassle is that the syntax highlighting isn’t quite right for AppleScript: it doesn’t take into account terms used from applications, so sometimes the wrong colour appear. I will write an Automator action that grabs the XHTML from SubEthaEdit, replaces “ with ‘, and pastes it into the current active text box, I think. I also started using Convert Script To Markup Code - don’t recall where I found this, but it does a much better job of marking up the text from Script Editor, and everything looks much nicer.