Autofill Acronyms in Comments

I created (or rather modified) some code to allow for quicktags, so commenters can have bold, italic and code text, amongst other features. I also added in abbr and acronym tags, just for fun. Today, I made this even more kick-ass. If you select some text, and click on abbr or acronym, and there is a valid acronym in the list in the script, it autofills the definition in the dialog for you. I got rather excited after doing this. But, I’m a nerd. • Note: The seperate Quicktags toolbar is not supported. Please use the full toolbox script, or hack it any way you like. The remainder of this post remains for posterity only. • Anyway, you can get the button version here, and the CSS link version here. Remember to Right-click and download, rather than just clicking on them.