Restarting on Install

Click Restart to finish installing the software.

Why the hell do installers still insist on me restarting my computer after I install some software. I want to shut down, as it’s 11:30 at night, and I don’t want to have to wait for it to start up. Yet, when I installed the latest update to Missing Sync, it tried to force me to restart. Doesn’t it realise that at shut down is like a restart with a rest in between? Fuck crappy installer software… I’m going to bed. Thank god for Force Quit. • Oh, and while I’m ranting: Fuck Opera for thinking that having a custom menu appear when you double-click on some text is a good idea. Nothing ever did that before. How is a user supposed to know that? How am I supposed to be able to override this so I can have my own action happening on a double-click? It makes little sense for me to limit a user to my auto-select on a single-click, as they may not want all of my code at once. However, the only way for me (other than to implement a link or button that can be clicked on) to allow for auto-select is by double-click. Which doesn’t work on Opera. I hope they go out of business. Just for this. Bastards. Which reminds me of the old “Bastards Incorporated.” sketches on the Comedy Company. Ahh, funny 1980s Aussie Sketch Comedy. “Guddayandhowareyoutoday?” • Oh, and OmniWeb doesn’t play like the other browsers, it won’t run all of my nice toolbox scripts. Yet. Oh, yes it does - I just hadn’t logged in. Fuck being tired.

Connections Template

I’ve put the current contents of my template files up on this page. You’ll always be able to find the latest version of my templates there.

Changing Selection

I’ve got an interesting little challenge. I need to be able to programmatically change the document selection, as in the text that is selected, not a select box or anything like that, using JavaScript. Basically, I want to repeat the effect that appears on the Google Adsense site, where selecting in a textarea selects the contents of that text area. But I want to do it with just a random element. It’s easy with a TextArea, but I want my element to maintain it’s lovely formatting. I’m not actually sure I can do it. With IE, I can set it up to copy the text to the clipboard, but not select it.