Post Time Bug

A bug seems to have slipped through my JavaScript of Human Time Posts. The post before this was definitely posted in the wee hours, yet they are being treated as posted around lunchtime. Must fix that. And the fact I’m now running under daylight savings. (Fixed, needed to update the Options).

Custom Address Book Fields

Creating custom Address Book fields wasn’t quite as painless as I’d hoped. At least, not in a form that doesn’t look like being broken in future updates. The simplest method is to choose a field you aren’t already using. I chose Related Names, since I didn’t know until that point that this field existed! The other fields that were available weren’t really appropriate: Maiden Name does not allow for duplicates, and Dates is designed, for, well, dates. The next step is to set up the template. Go to Preferences, and choose the Template tab. Choose Related Names from the Add Field popup menu, and alter the label to whatever you want it to be. Now, you can go and add data of the type you require. Some caveats: the items in the Template will only appear if the record (person) you are editing does not have any items in the ‘Related Names’ field(s). If they do, you can add extras, but the ones you added to the Template do not appear in the list. Might file this as a bug.

Cable Management

Hold that last post! I just saw these designs for cable management, over on Sumajin. Plan for tomorrow. 1. Create something like this out of acrylic. 2. Enjoy not having dangly cords everwhere.

Headphone Cable Length

I really like my headphones I use for my iPod. I blogged about how good they were back in July, but I’ve decided there really is something I don’t like about them. Basically, the cable is too long. If I just plug them in, and put the iPod into my pocket, the cable hangs down to my knees. The weight of the cable at this length means that they are almost pulled out of my ears, and don’t feel comfortable. If I wrap the cable around the iPod, it’s much better, but I have to ensure I get exactly the right number of loops, as either the cable is then too short (and is pulled out of my ears if I turn my head), or is still too long. And having the cable wrapped around the iPod means it’s harder to get into my pocket, and harder to control when it’s in there. (I’ve discovered you can change the volume through fabric, as well as skip tracks). I’m considering buying some of the Apple branded in-ear phones I saw in the AppleCentre the other day. I might just try replacing the plug with another one, and shortening the cable, first. All I have to do is find a nice looking 3.5mm plug, now…

Address Book Smart Groups

Smart Groups in Address Book are crap. You are limited to less than 20 options. And Related Names isn’t in them, so I can’t do a lot with the data I have, in terms of Smart Groups. I need to be able to say:

People who (are in Group CSTA Database) and (Related Names: Referee > 0) Or, even simpler: People who (are in Group CSTA Database) and (Related Names: Gender is Male) I can get away with (Card contains Male), but this will also pick up anyone who happens to have Male in their name. At least it doesn’t pick up Females, that’s a start. Otherwise I’d just have to have a does not contain Female clause. However, the biggest kicker is not being able to refer to groups. I’d like to be able to have lists that get people who are in a particular group, but also have some other attribute. Oh, and I suspect that you cannot search using Spotlight, as this would require seperate files. Oh for the joyful days of BeOS, where people files existed, and you could just add extra attributes, as you chose. And then use queries (which, by the way, are much faster than Spotlight searches!) to find what you want. And it had the ability to create really complicated queries, really simply. And modify them easily to get exactly what you want. • While I’m on bitching about Address Book: I just looked through all of the Package Contents, and the HTML exporter seems to still use font tags. Ugh!