Inventor Projects on Removable Media

I teach _AutoDesk Inventor _at school, and I love using it. I have come across what I deem to be a major issue. I work from a USB Drive, for a couple of reasons - the main one of them is that most machines I work at are shared machines, and the second (the reason I cannot just work from the network storage) I sometimes take work home. Finally, the USB device seems somewhat faster to access than my network drive. However, my USB Drive doesn’t always mount as the same volume letter. On most machines, it mounts as E:\, however, on the machine I am on now (a different pool), it mounts as J:\. Normally, this doesn’t matter, as files tend not to refer to one another. What’s not cool is when these locations are hard coded into a Project file. And moving machines means I need to go through and change each location. And then repeat this when I go back to the original computer.