iCal Annoyance

Here’s an interesting little bug. Create a copy of a timed event in iCal (or just go to any timed event, I’m just making a copy so I can delete it later). Edit the start or finish time or date. When you are finished editing, press Tab. The time or date change will stick. If you chose a start time, the end time will adjust so the event is the same length. This is very cool, if, like me, you have lots of fixed-time events. Okay, now edit the time again. This time, instead of pressing Tab when you are finished, press Enter instead. Notice how the edit was actually discarded? This is crazy, crazy behaviour. The sort of thing you should be shot for. I mean, since when does Enter imply “ignore the edits I just made”? I mean, seriously. And this is before the fact that most of my friends hate me sending iCal invitations, as they don’t see the link for them to click on. I have to resort to sending gCal invites if I want responses!