Safari 3 beta not displaying characters correctly

I’ve changed my default browser to Safari 3 beta, and I’m liking it a lot. It’s nice to use a Keychain aware application again (it makes it easier to find out what password I used for a site), but there is one issue with this browser on my site. I use a special character in CSS to get the stars in the top menu. The best way to do this is to use something like:

1    #topnav li:before { content: "\2729  "; }
2    #topnav li:first-child:before { content: ""; }

Which works great in most browsers. Sometimes I come across a browser on a machine that doesn’t seem to have the right font installed, and I see a box there instead. And then, last night I noticed the same behaviour in Safari 3: Safari3Characters Now, this does not appear like this in either Firefox, or WebKit on the same machine: firefoxcharacters imageswebkitcharacters So, the big question is, why is Safari 3 beta not able to display the font correctly?