which python?

I came across a strange issue today. I have written a script that adds acronym tags to a post created in ecto, and another that adds the currently playing iTunes track, as nice links to iTMS. However, the problem that arose is that the script wouldn’t run. I had the shebang line, and everything, but no joy. Then I noticed that I have upgraded my python installation to 2.5, but for some reason the /usr/bin/python was still pointed at 2.3 - but my interpreter run from the bash shell, or from Komodo was 2.5. This itself wouldn’t be too much of an issue, except I was using appscript, and I had only installed appscript into the 2.5 Python installation library. So, it was failing (way too silently, for my liking), and I couldn’t tell why. All fixed now, though.

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