Mac OS X Leopard Upgrade DVD

With my Mac Mini I also got an Upgrade DVD. Now, I wasn’t too fussed about having Leopard on the Media Centre, but I did want it on my laptop. So, I thought, I’ll just insert it into the MacBook Pro, and install from there.

Of course, that would be good if it worked. Which it didn’t. According to the dialog box, I “Don’t have Mac OS X v.4 Installed”.

Which isn’t the case:

Using Disk Utility was odd - for some reason my internal drive was not being mounted by the system.

I’m now trying the disk on a G5 iMac. I don’t know if this is a deliberate inability to install as it is from a Mac Mini, or if it is just an odd error.

later: And it appears like this DVD will not boot a G5 iMac. Or at least, not this one.