Back to Uni

After a nearly 10-year hiatus, I’m back at Uni. And loving it.

I’m currently sitting in the Flinders Uni “Coopers” bar, having a nice cold Pale Ale. My first day of Uni was today, and so far it’s pretty cruisy.

I actually finished the first two afternoons’ work in the first half of the first afternoon. The lectures didn’t really give me much new, it’s all just aligning what I already know about OOP with the syntax of java.

The thing that actually took me the longest today was remembering how many degrees are in the internal angles of a regular pentagon. I ended up having to fire up a python interpreter to keep a track of all of my maths. I think I would have finished in half the time it took me otherwise. That, and having to remember to declare variables…

So, Java is looking easy so far, and from what I can see the next 2.5 weeks are going to be more of the same. About time I started to get High Distinctions, I think. I’m finding plenty of time to listen to Late Night Cocoa, and learn Objective C/Cocoa while I learn Java.