Battery Performance

My (replacement) battery capacity dropped today from 95% to below 75%.

I’m going to do the whole recalibration thing to see if that fixes it. I had noticed it was seeming to have a shorter battery life than before again, actually.

Drug Testing Puppies

I had a big night on Saturday. But that’s irrelevant to the story.

The interesting thing about Saturday night is was that it was apparently the first use of the new SA Police drug sniffer dogs. And there were plenty of police about on Saturday night.

We first noticed them when we arrived in Hindley Street, which was probably about 10pm. Before we’d even made it to the second block, we’d seen a person being searched by three plain-clothes cops that really didn’t look at all police-like. We stood around and watched for a little while, before heading down the street.

At which stage a dog on a lead with an attached police person went past us, and then nabbed two more guys for drugs.

Eventually, we made it into “The Apothecary,” where we saw yet another person being searched on the glass just outside where we were sitting.

Apparently three people were charged with drug trafficking, I’d love to know how many were done for possession.