Dear ezyreg

I went to register with EzyReg to set up monthly direct debit for my car registration, and to register I was required to enter a secret question or two.

These secret questions were all essentially publicly available information, or things that were inane enough that I probably would not remember them. Thus, they are useless from both sides of the fence: I would not be able to use the meaningless ones to reset a password (not really that much of a problem), but if I used one of the “one true answer” ones, someone could easily discover, for instance, what my Mother’s maiden name was.

I could enter a random value, but I decided to get on my high horse, and supply feedback.

Then, after writing for a few minutes: “You may only enter 1000 characters in feedback”.

What. The. Fuck.

So, after splitting it into two comments, here is the entirety of my comment to the braindead fuckwads who wrote the registration system:

I want to use monthly direct debit to pay my car registration, but with the current requirement to have an ezyreg account, and the requirement that said account is “secured” with secret questions means that I cannot in good faith complete the registration process.

There are well documented flaws with secret questions as a second-level of security, or that can be used to reset or change a password. This becomes an active attack vector that, in the case of someone who uses good password hygiene, partially defeats the processes I have in place to protect access to my accounts.

This is made even worse in the case of your security questions, of which there are very few, and I am unable to create my own.

Some examples of the arguments against security questions, and why they are a security risk, not an improvement:

Please consider removing this requirement from your account registration process.