Dear ABC, please unbreak iView

Dear ABC,

The latest iOS iView apps use a custom media player, rather than the system supplied one. This actually degrades performance and usability in a few areas.

Specifically, when the stream is still loading, and you select AirPlay, then it will sometimes not actually send to the target device (and will not play on the local device either). This did not (to my recollection) occur with the old version.

Even more annoying, when attempting to scrub to a later point within the programme, it would more often than not just revert back to the previous point (prior to scrubbing). This happened about 60% of the time I was using the app last night. Again, this is something I have not seen when using either the old iview app, or other apps that use the default media player controls (but is something I see on apps that use custom players, such as the AU commercial channels’ apps).

Finally, after interacting with the controls, they do not fade after a period of time. Again, this is a significant regression compared to the previous version(s), and standard media controls.



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