Lockdown: Day 6

So I guess this is becoming a bit of a journal. I missed yesterday though… ;)

The Australian government announced further economic aid to people who are newly unemployed or under-employed due to COVID-19. Notably, this included doubling the Jobseeker allowance (or whatever it’s currently called). This is surely a kick in the guts for the previously unemployed. Does it not state that the previous amount was way less than what an average person needs to survive? But now there are going to be significant numbers of people who until a week ago were fully-employed, the amount doubles.


We are going to take the boys out for a walk in the local National Park. I don’t know how draconian lockdown rules are going to be in the future. Keeping schools open seems to suggest they don’t really give a fuck though.

Our internet was pretty crappy all day yesterday; and a bit intermittent on Friday. Right now, it’s totally gone - allegedly there is an issue at some place that is up the chain from me: they have turned the power off there and are working on it. Hopefully it comes back on today.