Human contact, or what the f*** are all these people doing

I went outside of my house today.

Initially I went to my office to get a few things that I’ll need to work from home (standing desk extension and a better trackpad were the main ones). But after that, I thought I’d swing by one of the smaller supermarkets in my area, and if it was quiet enough, pick up some supplies.

There were no customers when I went in. Good.

The first one who came in, when trying to get to a section near me, instead of taking the path that avoided me, instead took the path that went right by me. I quickly scrambled to get out of the way. Call me paranoid, but the fewer people I get close to, the smaller my chance of contracting the virus.

Eventually, too many people were in the store, so I left without everything I needed (I’d struggled to find some bits anyway). Having to get closer than I would have liked to people, I braved the checkout area, and made it outside.

So, for future reference, I came within a couple of metres of about 6 or 7 people at Drakes Mini between maybe 6:30 and 7pm.

The PM announced further measures, and said one thing I thought was interesting:

“It seems like lots of people want a complete lockdown”

Damn straight we do.

“Let me tell you, it won’t be for a short period of time.”

We are very aware of that: but it’s about public health. Man up, and lock it down. Have you not seen that China is able to start to release restrictions because they have started to control it?