Take that, Mr Morrison

People power still works.

Mr Morrison and his advisory panel still maintain that schools should remain open. For some reason, kids are immune to getting or spreading COVID-19 whilst at school, but if they visit their grandparents or a shopping centre, then all hell will break loose.

We, like many other parents around Australia, decided to withdraw our children from physical schooling (we are still doing remote learning, and our school has been very supportive of this) for nearly two weeks now.

A few days ago, we received an email from our school: the whole school will be remote-only; with exceptions for children of parents who are unable to perform remote learning, either because they work in essential jobs or whatever other reason. Those students will be managed at school, as of next week, but all students will be receiveng the same curriculum.

This is exactly what the NSW premier indicated her state’s schools would be doing. This makes perfect sense. Reduce the risk to teachers, and reduce the exposure of children to one another.

Now SA, and most other states, have announced early closure, and possible remote learning after the school holidays.

People voted by withdrawing their children from school. Maybe Mr Morrison should pay attention.