previews of jekyll site is pretty sweet. What I like most about it is that it takes about 2 minutes for my site to regenerate, so doing things like previewing a post is a bit of a pain in the arse: so I can use to have previews every time I save.

But most of my posts are technical, and have code fragments. I’m using Liquid Templating within Jekyll (indeed, a custom highlighter that caches the files), and these were not rendered well by Fair enough, too, as it doesn’t know anything about them.

So, I needed a way to have the {% highlight %} tags handled by Albino, which in turn uses Pygments.

There are posts on the site that talk about Jekyll, but they don’t actually handle the Liquid Templating syntax. For example: github-flavored-markdown.rb

But this one does:

Now all I need is for TextMate to recognise that those block delimiters mean that it is source code and to highlight it as such.