Safari 4 Busy Icon

The active tab looks wrong.

Inactive tabs not so much.


Safari and Tabs

By default, Safari in Leopard doesn’t show tabs.

defaults write AlwaysShowTabBar 1

Now, it does.

Safari 4 Broke My WebApp

Well, not mine, exactly.

Flinders Learning Online doesn’t render properly in Safari 4 (Developer Preview). It doesn’t display the sidebar, which has quick access to topic information.

It basically makes it unusable.

I think the system is the Blackboard Learning System, or something similar.

Blackboard Learning System and Safari

I can’t post this in ecto - I think the Safari 4 DP is fucking with that too. Anyway, if I log into the BLS using any application that uses WebKit as its renderer, I see the following: FLO wrong render If I resize the window, it fixes itself: FLO wrong render