Norwich 2: Man United 0

For all of those who haven’t seen the results, the Canaries defeated Man United this weekend, 2 nil. My pal Jo, who just left work for a while to go on a cruise mentioned something about Norwich needing to win the remainder of the games in order to prevent relegation. Looks like it could still happen!

Kosmina may pay ultimate penalty for spray

Kosmina may pay ultimate penalty for spray - Football - Sport - You mean they’re going to execute him for yelling a the ref? I thought that’s what “Ultimate Penalty” meant.

ADELAIDE United coach John Kosmina could be forced to watch the A-League grand final from the AFL coaches’ box at Telstra Dome after again falling foul of the FFA’s disciplinary watchdogs after Sunday’s dramatic penalty shoot-out win over the Newcastle Jets.

Oh, that’s what you mean. I love how journalists overdo it.

Go Trinidad and Tobago!

The World Cup is upon us again, and whilst I am not the world biggest soccer fan, I love jumping on bandwagons. Two years ago I got right into the European Cup, and drew Portugal in the sweep at work. They made it to the final, where the guy who drew Greece (a Greek, incidentally, but that’s a given at my school) wanted to split the winnings 50-50 regardless of who won. I chose not to, and Greece won, meaning I missed out on about $60 or so. Oh well. This year, I’m fairly sure I won’t get that opportunity. See, I drew Trinidad & Tobago in the sweep. They are playing Sweden first, and are also in a pool with the UK, and Paraguay.

Australia 3 - Japan 1

Well, that’s one for the record books. The fastest three-goal streak in World Cup Final history, and the first time the Socceroos have scored in the WCF. And I missed it. Bloody WoW! But, it’s downtime tonight, so I’ll be able to watch whatever games are on. Not quite the same without some sort of emotional involvement, though, is it? I do think it’s a little early for the celebrations that have erupted on the various Aussie football (but not as you know it) sites. From AAP:

Australia has arrived at the World Cup ball, not as one of the ugly sisters but as a stunning Cinderella set to wow them on the dance floor. And a startled world has sat up to take notice.

What I heard was that Japan’s defense was a bit crap. Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but it’s early to be breaking out the really good champagne. Unless, you just want to make sure you actually get the good stuff used. I’ll be saying “tops” if we manage to get past the Group games. But, in the meantime, I’ll jump onto the bandwagon. Why not?