Gotalk Screw Over WildIT Customers

I’ve received two emails from Gotalk in the past couple of days, relating to my services with them. Until the end of October, I’ll have been on WildIT’s $36/month (or similar) plan. This is a 265kbps plan, with 12Gb/month before shaping, although I’ve never really been shaped, and I’ve pushed down over 23Gb in a month. I also have a couple of hosting setups, although they don’t deliver much traffic.

The two emails dealt with these two services. I’ll include them, as they are kind of relevant. I’ll address them in detail individually.

Dear Matthew

As you are aware, gotalk acquired the telephony and internet business of WildIT in late March 2007. gotalk is an Australian owned full service communications provider and we strive to provide our customers with quality services and best value for money. The products we offer include landline, mobile, internet and broadband voice (VoIP). Our aim is to make our customer’s life easier with great service and the use of the latest technologies, all on a single account.

We are streamlining the number of service plans on offer, and the purpose of this email is to let you know your plan options with gotalk.

Recommended changes to your plan

gotalk has reviewed your current plan, and recommend below what we believe is the gotalk plan that best suits your current needs, based on the information available to us.

Your current Broadband plan is :


Service Number 08######## - Plan RG 256/64 ADSL (non-monthly)

From 1 October 2007, we will move you to the following gotalk plan :

Service Number 08########
New Plan gotalk Standard 256 @ $39.95/mth
Includes 1000 MB

Please note that gotalk will automatically move you to the above gotalk plan on 1 October 2007. It is important that if you would like to find out more about this plan, or discuss other plan options, you will need to do this by 30 September 2007. You will find plan information on our website at, or please call us on 1800 468 255 and we’d be happy to discuss your options.

If you have additional services such as dial up internet, VoIP or hosting from WildIT we will contact you again shortly regarding these.

Free upgrade from ADSL to ADSL2+

gotalk also offers a free upgrade from ADSL to our hi speed ADSL2+ service. To see if ADSL2+ is available in your area, please check here or call us on 1800 468 255 to check availability and to take advantage of this free upgrade.

Thank you for your patience during the transition phase from WildIT to gotalk and we look forward to meeting your communications needs today and in the future.

Kind Regards

The gotalk team

Okay, my hassles with this. I’ll start with the pedantic. Why must you boldify your company name, every time you have it included?

Now that that is out of the way, it’s down to business. My current WildIT plan includes at least 12Gb of data, for more than 10% less. Yet you want me to move to a plan with a much lower data allowance? Based on the evidence you have? Either you have crappy evidence, or you are fucking useless at interpreting it! I suppose you also come to the conclusion that evolution isn’t real, based on evidence?

Secondly, are you expecting me to only look at this on the last day before my plan changes over to your ridiculously expensive, low data plan? How am I supposed to churn before then if I only look on the last day? Then I’d be without internet for several days, or pay you shitloads for internet.

The other letter I received is regarding hosting, and it is even worse. I’ll leave out the majority of it, but know that I have four hosting accounts, all of which cost me nothing. That’s right, not a dollar. Ever. No money at all changes hands regarding the four sites I have set up.

Your new hosting internet plan from 1 October 2007, will be gotalk hosting. This hosting plan gives you 500MB of disc space and 10GB of data for just $19.95 per month. Excess data is charged at 8c per MB and is capped at $50.00.

Okay, let’s let the bold thing slide again. But can you seriously expect me to pay $20-$70 dollars per month for hosting? I currently pay nothing! My other site, located at a reliable, proper hosting company, costs me around $.10/day. That’s $3/month, and includes a hell of a lot more services than you offer. And it’s reliable, and not staffed by fuckwits, apparently.

So, gotalk (ever heard of capitals, by the way?), I won’t be continuing my services with you. And don’t you dare try to charge me a disconnection fee. You still owe me a month’s worth of service, since I paid that in advance. But I suspect you won’t be paying that back to me, will you.

WildIT Crappiness Over?

I’ve been with Wild Internet & Telecom for about 4 months now, which is my longest ADSL supplier. Admittedly, the one month I spent with Opti Internet (before Veridas went south) was the only other ADSL I had, so take that with a grain of salt. Anyway, a month or so ago, Wild IT went into Voluntary Administration. Which basically meant they weren’t viable as a company, or were being so badly managed they were about to go out of business. They were very quiet on the subject on their own site, however there was a huge debate on the Whirlpool forums regarding their imminent demise. And then, GoTalk stepped in and purchased the customers. Almost immediately, my speeds became very slow - but I put this down to the fact I had gone over quota about two days before the end of the month, and my shaping hadn’t been removed. So I put in a complaint. Then I received a phone call from a Help Desk operator, basically saying that their network was under significant load. Which I thought had to be a load of shit, since with the talk of the demise of Wild, customers had apparently been leaving in droves, which meant that for all of March, I was downloading at basically full speed for the whole month. Apparently, 1,955 MB is about as much as can be downloaded at 256kbps in one day. So, I felt that basically the concept of their network being congested was rubbish. And this was confirmed, at least partially, on Whirlpool, where people had comments from GoTalk stating that all users were being shaped. They claimed that it was because of network congestion, but I think it was to annoy all of the heavy users, and cause them to want to change ISP. I wasn’t able to get speeds faster than ~64kbps for about a week. Happily, that seems to have now changed. When I grabbed the latest Azureus 3 update from the BT network, it came down at 26kB/s, which is about flat out. Hopefully, this is the end of the crappy speed, and with Timmy B no longer being in control of my ISP, hopefully it’s the end of heaps of the bullshit. Having said that, I’m going to read the Gotalk terms and conditions very carefully. If they don’t match up with what WildIT was offering, then I might just have to go elsewhere. I was looking for a way to get out of the exit fee anyway…

p2p shaping?

Well, I’ve been sitting on the 10 day demo of the Burning Crusade for a month or two, and have just started downloading the client. 3.5GB, which, maxed out will take a couple of days to download. I have to use the Blizzard Downloader program to get it, and I just discovered that turning off Peer-to-peer Downloading dramatically increases my throughput. I went from 6K/sec to 25K/sec. I wonder if this is to do with p2p shaping thatGoTalk, the people who bought out WildIT, apparently do.

International Speed Tests

DNS Issues

I’ve had some DNS issues with my ADSL connection, but it took me a while to work out that’s what they were. Basically, sometimes viewing a page would fail, but it would generally work the second time you refreshed. So, I checked out some settings. I was using the DNS addresses given by my upstream DHCP server, and these are either overloaded, or not working properly, or both. So, now I’m using alternate addresses, and haven’t had a lookup failure as yet.