Classical Music.

I’ve listened to ABC Classic FM almost exclusively for a year or two now, and it struck me the other day how much classical music the average young person is exposed to. Surprisingly much, but most of it is film scores. I challenge a week to go by without hearing some ‘classcal’ music. If we count The Simpsons theme, I’d change that challenge to a day!

Windows DVD

The school year is coming to a close. Activities week is in full swing, and with the appalling weather this morning, the planned game of Soccer was cancelled (can’t have the kids getting struck by lightning, after all). I had [spooks] in my bag, ready to return to the library, so I thought, the kids (all 5 of them, in the end) could watch my favourite show.

Step 1. Put DVD into drive.

Step 2. Connect Projector to PC.

Step 3. Wonder why Windows doesn’t automatically start Windows Media Player.

Step 4. Try second disc. Windows Media Player starts.

Step 5. Wonder why video is garbled, audio is absent and WMP crashes after 30 sec of playing.

Step 6. Try to install InterActual player.

Step 7. Wonder why InterActual player cannot find the audio device (everything else seems to be able to).

Step 8. Download newer version of Inter Actual player.

Step 9. Get a slightly better error message, but be unable to fix problem due to user restrictions (and I am a Power-User)

Step 10. Let the kids go on the ‘net instead.