Dead Phone

My mobile phone died yesterday. It’s a Nokia 6610, and the day before I noticed the time was about 15 minutes slow. I reset the time, and didn’t think anything of it. If anything, I thought that maybe a rogue tower had changed the time. Then, yesterday morning, I put the radio on, like I normally do. “Bad reception” I thought. I changed the station, a couple of times, and up came the station I would originally listen to (ABC Classic FM). I looked at the phone, thinking I must have changed the station previously, but it said a different channel. “Strange”, I thought, as I passed out of my driveway and headed up the road towards the train station. “I’ll just do the old faithful, turn the phone off and then back on.” Like it’s running Windows, I guess. Hmm. Doesn’t want to turn back on. A similar sort of thing happened last October, when my phone died temporarily for about 24 hours when I was at the National Touch Championships in the Gold Coast. It came back to life, after about a day. I think the cause of this was heat, but nothing like that this time. I’ve pulled the phone to bits, I know it’s fully charged, and I cannot find out what is wrong. And I’m not about to pay $45 to some drone from Nokia who will just say it’s not fixable. So I might have to get a new phone. I’ll get one with Bluetooth, I think, and get a Bluetooth gadget for my computer, too. Still, being without a phone is a bit of a bitch.

iTunesRater / Interface Builder Bug

There seems to be some sort of a layering bug with Interface Builder - I notice it sometimes in development builds of iTunesRater: Itunesraterbug-2 As you can see, some of the widgets, sorry, views, are partially obscured. Sometimes it is worse than others, with all of the fwd/play/rev buttons covered. Sometimes it is fine. I generally have to just play around shifting different views to the front to get it all okay. Needless to say, it looks fine in Interface Builder.

Canon in D Major from the album “Adagio Karajan” by Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

One Month Since Renovations Began

Wow. A month since I first posted about our new house. And the bathroom isn’t yet done. Hopefully we’ll finish the shower tonight, and then I’ll actually be able to have my morning shower tomorrow. I cannot cope without it. This weekend we’re planning to lay floorboards in the kitchen/study. At the moment it is bare joists, with dirt underneath. The boards are being delivered tomorrow morning.