We’ve just taken possession of a new house, and are currently going through the process of renovating it. We are hoping to move in in about 3 weeks, but I know it won’t be completely finished then! Dsc00002-1 Dsc00041 Dsc00006


We were just about to head off to Robe - literally, we were just packing bags ready to go, when Jaq came across some termites in the linen press. It’s a little too hard to tell how widespread the infestation is: the house had been damaged in the past, some time ago (long before we bought it), but we weren’t expecting to find any more. So, this has put the holiday on hold for a couple of days - we are having a guy come out for a quote tomorrow at lunchtime, and hopefully will be able to head off shortly after he has been here.

The Light That Got Smashed

One of the things Jaq liked most about our new house was this light: Dsc00044-1 Unfortunately, it got broken on Friday afternoon. So, if anyone knows where we can get a replacement glass piece in Australia (prefer Adelaide), please let me know…

More house photos.

No time to write. Gotta sleep. Here are pics of house today. Dsc00035 Dsc00048 Dsc00068-1 Dsc00058 Dsc00053 Dsc00024 1

Bathroom nearly tiled.

Ray has been tiling the bathroom the last couple of days. It’s starting to look good. Here’s a before and after: Dsc00051 Dsc00018 1 Dsc00021 Dsc00052 I’ve spent my time sanding walls, and then re-plastering, then sanding. The areas below the front bedroom windows have been heaps of work, but they are starting to look great. And then tonight, Andy started to paint the ceilings - undercoat/primer first, of course. Since we have to move in on Wednesday, we are going to be busy painting over the next couple of days, and I have to go back to work on Monday. And I’m not sure when we’ll get around to polishing the floors.

Front Wall

When we sanded the floor of the front (non-main) bedroom, a water mark appeared on the floor, near the front wall of the house. As far as I can tell, the water has come through the damaged timbers surrounding the asbestos sheeting under the windows. Some pieces of the timber, and the quad that is ‘trim’ had rotted away - either because the vine that was there had allowed the water to remain there, or because the paint had cracked. Dsc00012-1 Dsc00013 I pulled some parts off, and then found that the main bottom timber had been repaired at least once before. Since removing the whole beam was out of the question, I just patched it up again…but it isn’t quite finished yet. So now, our house has sheets of plastic across the front, just incase it rains tonight. Dsc00009-1 Dsc00011 Dsc00012-2

Wall Gone

Well, today was a busy day. Beginning at 8:45, we removed 2.5m of the wall between the kitchen and the lounge. The cavity doesn’t go right up to the ceiling, but is at about normal door height. Apologies to everyone, but this is avery photo-heavy post. To start with, we drilled three holes in the wall, well above where the cavity was going to be. Then we inserted Ø40 steel bars through the wall, and supported them with upright adjustable stands. We used a large piece of timber to keep everything stable. Imgp0483 Imgp0488 Imgp0493 Then we cut out the section where the C-Channel Lintel was going, and inserted that in. Imgp0524 Imgp0526 Imgp0529 Finally, we removed the section of wall that was no longer required. Imgp0547 Imgp0549 Imgp0561 There’s still a lot to do: for instance, we are actually going to insert some vertical supports, just because we are chicken and don’t believe the engineer! (Well, Jaq is anyway). As you can see from this last set of photos, there were quite a few bessa blocks removed! Oh, and we got the smaller wall between the lounge and dining rooms ready to knock out as well. Imgp0562 Imgp0554 Imgp0569 Oh, and the last image is me just showing off the macro function in the camera I borrowed from work.

Floor Finished!

Simon breated me for not posting any house pictures lately, so here you go. We finished replacing all of the floorboards yesterday. Looks pretty good too. There were a couple of issues where the edging was - particularly the part where the lounge meets the dining room (but we’ll be using it as a study).

Smelly Flower

As I checked the mailbox when getting home tonight, I noticed a lovely purple Arum-like flower growing just near: Smelly Arum Lily After picking it, I noticed that it was rather smelly. In fact, it smells like a dead sheep, or something like that!

Holidays for some...

School Holidays begin again. Of course, I’ll be too busy renovating to do any relaxing! We had the concrete poured for the underpinning, and the mini skip delivered. Dsc00041-1 Dsc00046 Dsc00044 Made some good progress this afternoon, though. Got rid of a heap of the vine out the front. Dsc00063 Dsc00064 Dsc00068 Found two things in there: a bird’s nest, and a dead lizard. Dsc00065 Dsc00066 Dsc00071 And tonight, I found a big hole behind one of the taps.