The rise and rise of blogs

Drunken Batman has an interesting post about the failures of trackbacks, and how he is going to remove them from his site in the near future.

He actually makes an interesting point at one stage in the post:

I did put the trackbacks over the comments for a reason, and preferred them over the comments for a reason. In a small way, trackback encouraged people to do their own site, because, well, they had to have one in order to trackback and have their stuff right there front and center and maybe get some hits from it.

I found this quite amusing, especially after this comment I received some time ago:

Blogs have polluted the web. Now, every time I search for a topic, most of the links send me to blogs. I want real information, not some blogger’s thoughts on the matter. How boring.</blockquote>

The irony of this comment is that I originally started a blog so I can post the sort of information I had searched for, and struggled to find initially, and then worked out for myself. My “thoughts on the matter” are indeed egotistical, but I’m like that. People as good as me usually are.)

Novel Ideas

Of course, by this I mean ideas for my next novel, not NEW ideas. Biology: Removal of junk DNA as part of creating the perfect soldier. Switching on our tail gene. Black Comedy: Person who kills people for their annoying habits/actions. Phone ringtones, 8 items or less, driving slowly in right lane. Historical Fiction: Eighteen Hundred & Froze to Death. The year Summer never came. (1816).

We Are All Made Of Stars • 18Moby


I got a phone call from a guy from TransAdelaide, or the Adelaide Metro, or something like that yesterday. I won the weekly draw, or monthly draw, or whatever; and won 2 tickets to paradise either the MotoCross or Monster Trucks at the Adelaide Entertainment Center mid August. Now, neither of these really appeal to me, but I’ll go anyway - I guess the fans expect me to… So, according to the email I received from them “YOU ARE THE WINNER!”. Luckily I was expecting it, otherwise I would have likely dumped it, since it looks an awful lot like a heap of the SPAM I’ve been getting lately.