Replace the Bee-line?

In the latest issue of Express, the TransAdelaide Newsletter, the main stories discuss the new tramline extension: Passengers on the new tram extension will travel free, replacing the Bee line bus. The 99B also services the West End, and is much more frequent than the 99C. If they do kill the whole Bee-line, they’d sure better increase the frequency of the City Loop!!

Edit This links

Playing around with WP tags, I discovered it’s easy to put Edit This links/buttons onto posts and comments, that will only appear when a user who is able to edit them is logged in. So, there’s now a reason to register as a user: it means you can edit any comments you make. Of course, it’s easier to just comment, and enter your details. Since I don’t get much comment spam, I won’t be turning on ‘Only Registered Users Can Comment’ any time soon, but a nice feature for me to have. The code in my templates is:

  1. To change the links at the top of the page to Login/Logout, and Register/Site Admin, depending on context, use the following Smarty Tags:
* `{wp_loginout} `
* `{wp_register} `
  1. To put the Edit This in the post header:
* `{edit_post_link before='<span class="button">' after='</span>'} `
  1. To put the Edit This in the comment box:
* `{edit_comment_link before='<span class="button" >' after='</span>'} `

Blogsome Missing Features

I’ve been playing around with my template files under Blogsome, and have come across some limitations - I’m not sure if they are limitations of WordPress Mu, or Blogsome’s installation.

  1. No Page Template. Without page templates it’s impossible to make Pages display a particular way, without writing the bare HTML code yourself. It’s also not possible to implement Smarty Tags in pages without a template file.

(I’m sure I had some others to add to this list.)

MusicMagic Mixer

Found what could be a useful tool today. Predixis MusicMagic Mixer According to the website,

The MusicMagic Mixer is the ultimate music library power tool to create dynamic and interesting playlists, or mixes. MusicMagic automatically analyzes your music collection. Analyzed songs are used to build custom mixes for hours of listening enjoyment.

Basically, it (apparently) looks for songs that are similar in some quality to the one(s) you choose. I don’t know how long it will take to index a 6000 track library, so that might be a nice test for it… I’ll download and test it out tonight.

iTunes "Now Playing" CSS

A while ago, I played around with my site StyleSheet, and set it up so that a paragraph of text with the class iTunes had a little icon placed next to it. This seems to have stopped working. Must look into it. Edit: I fixed it. Originally the code was:

1    .itunes:before
2    {
3            content:url('/images/itunes.gif');
4    }

I changed it to:

1    .itunes
2    {
3    	background:url('/images/itunes.gif') no-repeat;
4            text-indent:16px;
5            font-size:0.8em;
6    }


I mused a couple of days ago about better headphones for my daily iPodding-commute. I looked at the Sony ones, and they varied in price between $75 and $119 (AU$). I wasn’t quite prepared to pay that much, so I found another, cheaper pair. Enter the JVC HA-FX55W in-ear buds: @ AU$37. Still more than I have ever paid for a set of headphones (I think $2 was the most, and they were crap). JVC HA-FX55W They are not noise-cancelling buds, or at least not active ones: they a more like the soft earplugs I use most days at work, and I quite like the feeling of them in my ear. The best feature is that they really do cut down on the amount of outside noise that gets in, so I can keep the iPod on a lower (constant) level, no matter where I am: be it on the train or next to a busy road. I have found one possible drawback, when in medium-high wind, there is a whistling noise I can hear. Would not be good on a bike, but I’ll see if I can adjust them using one of the supplied covers.