Rainlight OctaMED module.

Back in the old days (I’m talking 1993), I found an OctaMED module on Aminet, that I really liked, called Rainlight. Since then, I’ve often thought about this track, and today downloaded it again. Finding something that would play, and convert it well was a bit of a struggle. I tried SoundApp, but that would have clicking errors, so I had to look elsewhere. (I later found out these errors were due to it trying to upsample to 22kHz, 11 works okay.) I also tried CocoModX, which would only play the track too fast. I could change the tempo, but this song has tempo marks throughout it, and it kept speeding up again). Finally, I used Sound Trecker, which, like SoundApp, requires classic, but it worked (I was able to change the sample rate), and I was able to export it to AIFF, and then import this into iTunes. So, and important part of my computing/music heritage is now safe in my iTunes library. Yay Rainlight.