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I came across an Adsense Ad for a new search engine: ipselon, and thought I might try it out. Typing Schinckel into the box brought up the usual results: interestingly my old blog, which has not been updated since April 9th, was the top hit, followed by this site, on Blogsome. Then a news story about Simon Schinckel (and his blubber pot. Ironic since the last time I saw Simon he was blubbering! - at our cousin Nick’s funeral.), and some other links, mainly mine. Then, I happened to notice the Sponsored Links section on the right. A whole lot of these were links to my Blogger blog. I think that means Google pays other Ad revenue sites to link to blogs on Blogger! Because I certainly don’t. And these links are through click.search123.com. And the irony of this is that the ipselon search engine is in breach of Google’s Terms Of Service. Actually, they might link to http://schinckel.net in some form, as clicking on some of them brought up this site. Bizarre.

Adium iTunes Rater

I wrote a quick AdiumScript to rate the currently playing song in iTunes. Trivial. The only downside? Arguments to AdiumScripts need to be typed in using {} rather than (). I’m much faster at typing in () without looking at the keyboard than {}. I guess I’ll have to learn. There are also scripts for quick-rating a track as 0-5 stars: /rate3 will rate a track as ★★★. (That’s three stars if you don’t have Unicode!) /rate{44} will set a rating of two-and-a-bit stars. The AdiumScript bundle includes all of the scripts, and can be downloaded Adium Xtras: Rate Current iTunes Track.

I am Gonzo.

Gonzo. The Muppets Personality Test

Tent Spam

I got some Spam today, starting with:

To Whom It May Concern, We have learned from the Internet thay you may be interested in tents…

I deleted it before actually reading any more. Perhaps I needed to reply (from a dead address, so I don’t get more Spam), and just inform them that this is not a good thing to do. I think maybe these are not “Internet People”, and maybe they don’t understand what they have done is wrong, and well, … Or, just let it be deleted by the Spam Filter…