Who Else Am I Chatting To?

Not that this has ever come up, but there is an AppleScript out there somewhere that allows you to type %_who into Adium, and it returns a list of people you are chatting to.

Naturally, it was sub-standard, and I have improved it.

Features mine has:<ul> <li>Don’t display the name of the person who you say this to</li> <li>Display “I’m not chatting to anyone else.” if you aren’t</li> <li>If the person you are chatting to can handle HTML in chat (Jabber, AIM), then list display names of the people you are chatting to, with each person a clickable link that will open a chat with that person</li> <li>Otherwise, display a list of people you are chatting to, with the type of chat listed after each name</li> </ul>

I’ve included the old one if anyone was interested: you can get it by typing %_who. Mine uses /who, and you can download it from Adium Xtras.