Wall Gone

Well, today was a busy day. Beginning at 8:45, we removed 2.5m of the wall between the kitchen and the lounge. The cavity doesn’t go right up to the ceiling, but is at about normal door height. Apologies to everyone, but this is avery photo-heavy post. To start with, we drilled three holes in the wall, well above where the cavity was going to be. Then we inserted Ø40 steel bars through the wall, and supported them with upright adjustable stands. We used a large piece of timber to keep everything stable. Imgp0483 Imgp0488 Imgp0493 Then we cut out the section where the C-Channel Lintel was going, and inserted that in. Imgp0524 Imgp0526 Imgp0529 Finally, we removed the section of wall that was no longer required. Imgp0547 Imgp0549 Imgp0561 There’s still a lot to do: for instance, we are actually going to insert some vertical supports, just because we are chicken and don’t believe the engineer! (Well, Jaq is anyway). As you can see from this last set of photos, there were quite a few bessa blocks removed! Oh, and we got the smaller wall between the lounge and dining rooms ready to knock out as well. Imgp0562 Imgp0554 Imgp0569 Oh, and the last image is me just showing off the macro function in the camera I borrowed from work.