iTunes Signature

[Paul’s Time Sink iTunes Signature]1 This is kinda cool. It generates a nice little file that is a conglomeration of the music you typically listen to. I set it so it didn’t choose tracks from the same artist or album, and found some nice stuff:
  • Tim Rogers • You’ve Been So Good To Me So Far

    No surprises here - one of my favourite songs.

  • Paul Kelly • Look So Fine, Feel So Low

    This one raised an eyebrow. Great song, but not the PK song I’d choose as my favourite.

  • 3 Different versions of Pachelbel’s Canon, by different orchestras

  • Gymnopédie No. 1 • Satie (Composer): A fabulous tune!

  • Mel C & Left Eye • Never Be The Same: the song that outed Mel C, or something like that. An alltime great Lesbo song.

  • Two Antonio Carlos Jobim songs, but only one of them performed by him: Quiet Nights (Corçovado), and Inütil Paisagem (Useless Landscape).

  • Hanson • MMMBop

This was not all of the tracks, but a pretty good selection, nonetheless. You can hear my signature here.