Disable 802.1x for better wireless

I was having continual problems keeping my Wireless connection working, and just happened to disable 802.1x Authentication, which fixed pretty much all of the issues. I don’t even remember turning it on, but I think I must have. This is a Windows setting: you change it for each wireless network you connect to in the Wireless Networks tab of the Wireless Network Adaptor config applet.

Don't have multiple Networks

I’ve had my ADSL reconnected, and was having some issues on my PC only. I didn’t realise they weren’t affecting the Mac, until I wandered around and tried it, and the stuff worked properly first time. It seems there were some issues with having a Firewire network and the Ethernet network (only one of which is actually connected to the internet). I’m not sure exactly what the story was, but it was timing out on requests, and occasionally working. Disabling the Firewire interface has fixed it all up. So, don’t have two overlapping networks, as Windows can’t figure out where requests need to go…

ADSL is back...

And, we now welcome back our ADSL service. Good to see you again, big fella.

Test run on 05/10/2006 @ 12:33 PM Mirror: Wild Internet ** Test type: **ADSL Your connection speed: kbps: 210.38 KB/s: 26.3 Mbps: 0.21

Courtesty of Oz Broadband Speed Test. The only anomalies are that my static IP address Wild gave me seems to be wrong, and apparently I connected at 12:18 this morning, which I can’t have, as the modem wasn’t connected then! And the connection might still be a bit flaky - it seems to be dropping out every now and then.