More Router Woes

I’ve finally installed my wireless router. I thought I’d do it now, even though at this stage I have no wireless devices. I did have some pretty serious troubles getting it all working. It uses a pretty straightforward wizard, but because my modem was set up to auto-dial, I wasn’t able to set it up initially. Finally, after resetting the router, and then the modem, and setting up the modem as a bridge, I was able to get the wizard to work. Tip: if your NetGear router has mistakenly identified the connection type as Static IP, or Dynamic IP, when it should be PPPoE, then you need to reset the router to factory settings to get it to work. You should also do this if you change connection type (ie, Cable to DSL, or vice-versa). This would have saved me heaps of time. Tip 2: don’t use a 7.5V supply if it should be a 12V supply. The router appeared to work fine, lights all came on and everything, but DHCP server didn’t run. Now to the problem I’m still having. The router has a DHCP server, but not a DNS server. So it gives out IP addresses, and reports the name of the device that has each IP address, but there isn’t a way to just visit a device by using that name. The modem-router setup I had previously did have a DNS server, which meant I could have each machine get an IP, and then use the name of the machine to connect to it. In the interim I’ve set up each computer with entries in the relevant hosts file (or equivalent), and I’ve given permanent leases to my machines. That will have to do.

Disable 802.1x for better wireless

I was having continual problems keeping my Wireless connection working, and just happened to disable 802.1x Authentication, which fixed pretty much all of the issues. I don’t even remember turning it on, but I think I must have. This is a Windows setting: you change it for each wireless network you connect to in the Wireless Networks tab of the Wireless Network Adaptor config applet.

Internet Sharing Issues

I posted some time ago about Internet Sharing quitting on me, but this point was moot after I got ADSL. I now have a (wireless) router that looks after all of that sort of stuff. Or did, until my ISP went belly-up, and I am back on dialup. Now, I have a worse problem. I can’t seem to share my internet connection from the Mac to any other machines on my network at all. I know it has something to do with the router, as this is the only new bit of kit I’m using. Now, I used to have my NSLU2 as my DHCP server, which was great, as I could tweak the settings endlessly, and ensure that I’ve got it all go. But with the router, it will only allow itself to be the default gateway. Which is okay when my ADSL is on, but bad right now. And, I’ve tried playing with the network settings on each machine, even manually configuring them, but still no joy. So, the laptop I borrowed from work is only being used to ssh in to my Mac, and then run links. Hardly a nice way to browse the web circa 2006.

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