Scabby Nannas Reform

A bit over ten years ago, some mates of mine formed a band, and they had one performance: at Viv’s 21st. Their whirlwind tour of Robe over, the Scabby Nannas split up, moved on to other projects, and so on. They are back. I never thought I’d link to a myspace page, but here we go: The Scabby Nannas. You can hear their one original track “Always Go For Goals!”, and if you look hard enough you’ll also find videos of their performance earlier this year at the Walkerville RSL. Not sure if this was a paying gig, or just Viv’s 31st, but videos don’t lie. Since then, they’ve apparently been hard at work, recording this track (and possibly some more, under a secret alias I can’t remember anymore). (I’ve put this under Popular Music, although I’m not sure they are exactly “Popular”, per se. Maybe one day). Oh, and happy birth, Mitchell Vickery.

Always Go For GoalsSuper VillianScabby Nannas ★★★