Fuck off Yahoo! Slurp

9000 hits upon my site. Even if you factor in images, scripts, etc, there is no way there are that many pages. 207Mb downloaded by Yahoo! Slurp. I have less than 1/6 of that in data. Especially since I get less than 1% of my traffic from Yahoo! I’m fairly tempted to block their stupid crawler altogether. Fuck You, Yahoo!


I saw the first episode of Heroes when it was first televised here in Australia, and I thought it was quite cool, but I missed the remainder of them. And then I got access to all of the first season (or at least the first 15-odd episodes), and sat down and started watching. I love it. This is a program that really shines when you sit down and watch it in a big block. I would, I’m sure, be very frustrated if I had to wait a full week after the TO BE CONTINUED… that ends each episode. But being able to follow the characters immediately makes it a very enjoyable experience.

Scabby Nannas Reform

A bit over ten years ago, some mates of mine formed a band, and they had one performance: at Viv’s 21st. Their whirlwind tour of Robe over, the Scabby Nannas split up, moved on to other projects, and so on. They are back. I never thought I’d link to a myspace page, but here we go: The Scabby Nannas. You can hear their one original track “Always Go For Goals!”, and if you look hard enough you’ll also find videos of their performance earlier this year at the Walkerville RSL. Not sure if this was a paying gig, or just Viv’s 31st, but videos don’t lie. Since then, they’ve apparently been hard at work, recording this track (and possibly some more, under a secret alias I can’t remember anymore). (I’ve put this under Popular Music, although I’m not sure they are exactly “Popular”, per se. Maybe one day). Oh, and happy birth, Mitchell Vickery.

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appscript, network access and no password

Okay, I think I’ve found an appscript bug. If you attempt to connect to a networked machine, such as doing: »> from appscript import * »> it = app(url=”eppc://user@machine.local/iTunes”) »> it.activate() Which works fine if you have a password, fails if there is no password. And the error reported is: RuntimeError: Can’t get terminology for application (aem.Application(url=’eppc://user@machine.local/iTunes’)): CommandError -128: userCanceledErr Just because I haven’t put in a password, doesn’t mean I have cancelled the operation. I’m still working on a fix to get it to work.

I mean what I say, Google

I hate that when I type in a query to Google, like: appscript network It returns a heap of hits for AppleScript network. Fuck you Google. If I meant AppleScript, I’d fucking write AppleScript!

Autolinking URLs

I use ecto for posting, which is pretty cool. I’d like to be able to have it so that it creates links automatically from URLs that I happen to write in. Thus http://www.google.com automatically becomes http://www.google.com enabling me to just enter a URL in a post. The best method for doing this would have to be regex:

((?<!(<a href="))(?<!(>))((https?|ftp://)|((mailto|aim|svn):)|(file:///)|((?<!://)www\.))[a-zA-Z0-9_$!&%?,#@'/.*+;:=~-]+\w)\.{0}

This will match a URL that isn’t already in an href link. Took me ages to work out. This will also match www.google.com. And not the dot at the end. I’m still working on code that will create links. I think a seperate regex for each type of URL might be useful.

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which python?

I came across a strange issue today. I have written a script that adds acronym tags to a post created in ecto, and another that adds the currently playing iTunes track, as nice links to iTMS. However, the problem that arose is that the script wouldn’t run. I had the shebang line, and everything, but no joy. Then I noticed that I have upgraded my python installation to 2.5, but for some reason the /usr/bin/python was still pointed at 2.3 - but my interpreter run from the bash shell, or from Komodo was 2.5. This itself wouldn’t be too much of an issue, except I was using appscript, and I had only installed appscript into the 2.5 Python installation library. So, it was failing (way too silently, for my liking), and I couldn’t tell why. All fixed now, though.

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Git vs. svn

I’d love to move to Git, even though I’ve really only just started using svn. There’s only one thing holding me back: the fact that all of the tools I use support Subversion, but not Git. I’d probably settle for just one non-CLI tool, like SCPlugin. I’ve even downloaded the source code, and I will have a bit of a look at how that works, and if it is possible to translate that into Git-speak. I really like how Komodo and Xcode will also display the SCM status of a file - it’s just those little extra features that make it kinda easy to remember to commit changes from time to time.

Kernel Panic not fixed

I mentioned in my blog a while ago that the latest update seems to have fixed some wireless networking issues; it appears I was a little too hasty. The Kernel Panic issue is still present, as is the inability to actually force a certificate to be trusted. The third issue, that the machine doesn’t reconnect to a network properly, can be fixed by using unlockupd, which will relaunch lookupd, apparently fixing the problem. Bugger.

appscript: Is application running?

This is the best way I can find to test if an application is running under appscript:

1    try:
2        app('System Events').processes['AppName']()
3    except:
4        print 'Application AppName is not running'

I think it’s kinda neat. I’d like to know of a better method, but I looked pretty hard!

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