Mac OS X Leopard Upgrade DVD

With my Mac Mini I also got an Upgrade DVD. Now, I wasn’t too fussed about having Leopard on the Media Centre, but I did want it on my laptop. So, I thought, I’ll just insert it into the MacBook Pro, and install from there.

Of course, that would be good if it worked. Which it didn’t. According to the dialog box, I “Don’t have Mac OS X v.4 Installed”.

Which isn’t the case:

Using Disk Utility was odd - for some reason my internal drive was not being mounted by the system.

I’m now trying the disk on a G5 iMac. I don’t know if this is a deliberate inability to install as it is from a Mac Mini, or if it is just an odd error.

later: And it appears like this DVD will not boot a G5 iMac. Or at least, not this one.

Net-related programming tip #38d

Don’t ever, ever, pop up a dialog box notifying that the update server could not be reached on an automatic update.

Perian decoders, when installed, keep trying every couple of minutes (if the pref is selected) to reach the update server and see if the version that is running is the current one. Now, I am without ‘net at the moment, since I’ve gone over quota at work, and I keep getting dialog boxes saying that the update server cannot be reached.

Now, I wouldn’t mind having automatic updates, but since I am not always connected to the ‘net, I can’t have them on. As the repeated dialog boxes are driving me mental.