Welcome, Leopard

Well, I’ve bitten the bullet and installed Leopard onto my main machine. I did have it already on a Mac Mini, but that’s not a machine I use other than via eyeTV or Front Row.

So, how is it so far? Well, I’ve really only just gotten partway through reinstalling the apps I really need - I’m taking the approach that I’ll just install the stuff I use as I use it, and try not to do what I usually do which is install just about everything I think I might ever use.

I’m not keen on the shape of the new menus, I really don’t like the rounded bottoms. I’ve moved the dock to the left, but skill don’t really like the look of that, either. And I’ve killed off the annoying default desktop background image. That is really too busy for my taste.

Everything seems to be flying along nicely. iCal almost didn’t import my data, but closing it, removing the entire Calendars directory from Library and restarting it fixed it up nicely. It starts much faster than under Tiger.

Took me a while to get networking going with the spastic system we have here at work. But eventually did. I’m hoping that it won’t keep asking me to trust a certificate that is untrustworthy like Tiger did. That got old quickly.