Elgato EyeTV + IceTV

Loving DTT with my new Mac Mini and EyeTV. Loving being able to look at an online guide anywhere, and schedule a program, or even better, a whole series whenever any episodes of it play.

One problem with the EyeTV/IceTV integration.

Schedule a program on IceTV, and it gets propogated down to your EyeTV - naturally, since that is where it is recorded. But if you schedule a program on your EyeTV, it isn’t passed back up to the IceTV system. So you can’t see everything you have programmed while at home. Meaning that it is easy to accidentally schedule a clashing recording with something else. Meaning you might accidentally tape an episode of the Simpsons that finishes after Grand Designs has started. Meaning you miss the first 20 minutes of your partner’s favourite show.

Not the best way to be able to justify why you spend $1500 on equipment so she wouldn’t ever miss that show again…