Revision Control as timing guide

I use Mercurial for all of my new work. It’s a great distributed revision control system. I even use it for all of my Uni programming, and other work. It allows me to easy switch back to previous checkpoints if I need to get them marked off, for instance.

The work we have been doing in one of my topics is still way to easy, although it is getting a bit better. But using Mercurial allows me to see how long each of the tasks took me to do.

Not sure how long the first Checkpoint took, as I didn’t have a commit to do then. But the next one took exactly 15 mins. The third one took 14 minutes, and the final one took 24 minutes. That last one was a fair bit of refactoring though, so that wasn’t too bad.

As for the bonus checkpoint? That can wait until morning.