Am I connected remotely?

I now share my dotfiles between the various OS X machines I use daily, using Dropbox and symlinks.

However, I have many aliases and functions that need to act differently if I only have a console session at the machine in question, or a full GUI session.

With bash, this is easy to test:

1export EDITOR='nano'
2if [[ -z "$SSH_CONNECTION" && $OSTYPE =~ ^darwin ]]; then
3export EDITOR='mate --wait'
4export TEXEDIT='mate -w -l %d "%s"'
5export LESSEDIT='mate -l %lm %f'

Now, if I am remotely connected to a machine, then I will get nano as my editor, but if I am sitting directly in front of it, then it will open Textmate.


bpython is pretty cool. It gives you an improved python shell, with popups of completeable values. About the only drawback is that some command-line editing doesn’t work that well, but I can live with that.

I made a django app that provides a new management command: bshell. This will start a new shell, using bpython, and import all of your models.

You can get it with:

pip install django-bshell

And then install it into your django settings.INSTALLED apps. The app itself is called ‘bshell’. Then you can just use: bshell

The code can be found on bitbucket.

Issues with PyPI/other sites

I was having some issues connecting to (although not pinging) and some of the python-subdomains: notably the CheeseShop (

I disabled IPv6, and they all cleared up.

I don’t know if this was an issue with Internode’s IPv6 stuff, but it was being handled by my Airport Extreme. My iPhone was working fine, because it doesn’t use IPv6.

What a relief.

I had tried everything I could think of: from changing my DNS server, DHCP server, I even tried a reinstall of my OS (although this wasn’t why I did that - I wanted a cleanup of my dev machine).