Cascading Selects: Leaf Node Only

I’ve written quite a lot of stuff about trees in Postgres, but not quite so much about how they might be used. One situation where they could be used is in categories: where each category may have sub-categories, and those may or may not have further sub-categories. When editing an object that has a single category, it would be useful to only show the values at each level, and then making a selection results in the display of another select element, that only has those values that apply at that level, and with that chain of parents selected.

Changing a selection should remove all subsequent items, and redisplay the “next” select with the new available options.

As you select different options from the “Category” select, you will see that only the leaf node is shown in the box on the right: but also (to show that it’s not just rendering the last value), we have a second “category” key/value pair from the text input.

This is a bit of a proof of concept: it doesn’t actually do an AJAX request: although there is a commented out fetch() request that shows where this would occur, but it doesn’t include the current selection.

The responses from the server would need to look something like:

  {"value": 8, "label": "Eight"},
  {"value": 9, "label": "Nine"},
  {"value": 10, "label": "Ten"},
  {"value": 11, "label": "Eleven"}