Running more

Back in April, my second son was born. Prior to that, I was reliably running 2-4 hours per week, and clocking up 25-40km. Then, in addition to being really busy (as one is with a newborn), I had a patch of illness, which was followed a couple of months later by another bout. That second one stopped me exercising for pretty much all of July, and nearly half of August.

I’ve recently started to ramp up my running again: the one race I have ever competed in is in mid-September, and whilst I’m not in as good shape as I was when I did my PR, I’m hoping to do at least as well as I did last year. It looks better so far: last year I was only managing to run on Monday nights, in addition to Touch Football on Thursday (and Mel’s arse-kicking on Wednesdays). I’ve squeezed in a few more runs so far, and, whilst I’m still running a bit slow (hardly skipped below 5:00/km), I’m feeling fairly comfortable.

In reality, I’ll be happy if I come in under an hour in the race. If I manage to break 55:00, or even better, I’ll be stoked. My best time (48:52) is well beyond me, but maybe next year…

Plain-text bad-news

For the past few years, I’ve run in the City-Bay, Adelaide’s largest Fun Run.

This year, when entering, I needed to reset my password.

Imagine my surprise when they sent me my password in plain text.

Then, imagine my surprise, or lack of it, when they sent me:

Dear Matthew,

We would like to advise that we have removed access to our online entry system after customers reported data missing from their records. Although investigations are underway, we would like to advise no financial information of race entrants is stored on our system and is therefore not at risk.

We recommend that you change the password you have used on our website (once it is deemed safe to reopen). As an added precaution we also advise that you change your password on any other website it is used.

Thank you for your understanding and continued interest in our event,

Kind Regards,

City-Bay Fun Run team

Well, you know, if you store passwords, in plain text, then you are just asking for trouble.