Books Killer

I have downloaded Books, but only entered about one section of my library into the program. Entering ISBN codes is just too much fun. Now, watch out for Delicious Library. iSight barcode scanning. iPod Sync support (hopefully with PalmOS as well as iPod - I’ll put in a feature request!). Finally, a chance to totally catalog all of my books. Instead of doing real work! GRIN.

Windows Crashes Images

I regularly read Boing Boing, and this post caught my eye: My partner was in NYC recently for the launch of the Timex 2154 competition expo (she was a runner-up in the conceptual design section), and got this great photo:


Re: Mac Users Sound Off: New "Search" Is Good, Needed.

Here is a response to the article found at: As a refugee from BeOS, I’ve had first hand experience of the type of ‘live searching’ that Spotlight promises to deliver. In fact, the key engineer from Spotlight wrote the Query system (and file-system, IIRC) for BeOS. Since I manage to keep most stuff well organised, I really only used it with email. BeOS, like Tiger, keeps each email in a separate file. It is then possible to have queries acting as smart groups for email messages. The point where it becomes truly useful is where files need to belong to multiple groups - no need to have links or aliases. Still, at times it is best to have files stored within folders - particularly if you are coding - you might have several hundred files named ‘Makefile’ for instance. BeOS used a system of File Attributes to store meta-data about files. It was possible only to search on these, not content. Does anyone know if Spotlight will use meta-data, or will it be automatically generated? (A better solution, since then the programs don’t need to be made ‘Attribute Aware’ - the filesystem looks after it.) I for one welcome our new Searching Overlords.

Blog with ecto

I thought about another improvement for BwE today. It really only occurred to me when I created a new blog for nanowriwo 2004. When a new folder is created, I wonder if it is possible to add a folder action (of the same folder action script) to the created folder. This way I could just attach the script to the .Blogs folder, and then when I create special purpose blogs, I only have to create a folder on the Palm with the right name. I also wondered if I should use the “Journal Entry” feature of Agendus for blogging. Must look into this. I placed a Blogger bug report about post times not being respected by the server, but haven’t heard back. At least they fixed up the timezone error. Update: I’ve updated the script so that when a new folder is created, a “Blog with ecto” Folder Action Script is automatically added to the sub-folder. The latest version, as always, can be found at Blog with ecto.scpt. Thought: I should also tell ecto to update the account cache, but I need to know the server details, I think.

iPod timezone

Jaq bought an iPod some time ago, and I noticed at the time Adelaide was missing from the timezone properties. Should report this to Apple.

Graffiti 2

Letters & Symbols I keep getting wrong on my Palm. Comma - becomes a J, or S, or even a CR or BS, but mainly a J. D - often becomes an A. T - either an F followed by a space, or an L followed by a <menu swipe>. 2 - 7. ( or ) - 1. E - Q. (If slack!) I also run into problems on words ending with L, or when 5 is followed by a 1. (I’ve changed the $ setting in Graffiti Prefs.) And every now and then, H doesn’t appear.

Jason Says

The whole idea of Diplomacy is about kissing the right arses. Whether you suck poo out is another matter.

Curried Cauliflower Soup

2 Chopped Onions, Garlic, Ginger Cook in oil for 5 min. Add 1 tspn curry paste. Add 1 cauliflower, cover with chicken stock. Cook. Mash. Add 2 cups full cream milk. Serve. Eat. Warning! Untested!

512Mb SD Card

I just went shopping for SD cards, expecting to have to pay around $90 for a 256Mb one. My Zire 31 has an SD slot, and I thought I might need more than the measley 16Mb internal RAM it comes with. Anyway, after spending an hour or so searching through every shop in Rundle Mall, I went into Diamond’s, on Rundle Street. The girl behind the camera said “Oh, about $105 for the 512, and about $70 for the 256”. That put the price as 74 less than a 256 from DJs, for a card with twice the memory. So, I went out, checked out Ted’s ($119) and returned. The guy who served me said the computer showed $130ish, but she had quoted me at $105. Since he’d kept me waiting for about 10 min while he dealt with a customer on the phone, he knocked it down to a round $100. Woo-hoo!

How he's changed!

Well, I went down to Robe & saw the folks, and Baby Jack.

I kinda like the juxtaposition of these two photos together.