Front Wall

When we sanded the floor of the front (non-main) bedroom, a water mark appeared on the floor, near the front wall of the house. As far as I can tell, the water has come through the damaged timbers surrounding the asbestos sheeting under the windows. Some pieces of the timber, and the quad that is ‘trim’ had rotted away - either because the vine that was there had allowed the water to remain there, or because the paint had cracked. Dsc00012-1 Dsc00013 I pulled some parts off, and then found that the main bottom timber had been repaired at least once before. Since removing the whole beam was out of the question, I just patched it up again…but it isn’t quite finished yet. So now, our house has sheets of plastic across the front, just incase it rains tonight. Dsc00009-1 Dsc00011 Dsc00012-2